• Installation on MacBook Pro 8,2 (early 2011) unforgivingly FAILS to load display

    Is there any knowledge of display problems on intel MacBook Pros/ apple hardware? I’m trying ruthlessly to get antergos installed on my MBP 8,2 and no matter which DE or any other arch derivatives (including self-assembled / manual archlinux install) have been able to boot properly :/ it’s unreal. I can boot grub2 configurations all day, and have tried & failed every grub linux cmd parameter modification I’ve found around these communities/wikis/google that’ve been suggested to fix this video-driver or mode configuration troubleshootage.

    The solution has got to be something trivially simple… because obviously if I can boot into any given antegros/archlinux install media and have the respective GUI load effortlessly & function perfectly, then it exemplifies that I’m not just dreaming on some far-fetched-impossible-fantasy.

    In the past, I’ve ran ubuntu/mint/debian 8 all with graphical DE’s that seriously make a humiliating mockery of my efforts with arch-based DE’s. Real talk, is there some wizardly sorcerers voodoo secret that I’m missing in my research…or am I just a nincompoop who should take refuge back in the safe/stable/ugly/bloaty/mainstream line of distros (aforementioned present company excluded, of course)?? …ughh. I can’t settle for that…when there’s one’s like antergos out there :]

    Can anyone please share some wisdom/experience/insight/help/direction with the MacBook Pro 8,2 (early 2011) graphics display issue?
    Thank you in advance… and shedding light on this would be useful for others that have a similar situation for future purposes.
    Also, by all means, feel free to ask me to provide any more information/ logs/ specifications/or details of any kind

  • Hi!

    I have macbook pro 8.1 and 11.1 and installed Antergos on both. Luckily they both have intel graphics. MBP 8.2 has different specs and makes boot config more complex. Arch linux wiki has guidelines on how to configure boot with different graphics so I suggest you head over to Arch-wiki. Sorry to say this but to be able to install on MBP you probably have to forget about grub! You have to look into rEFInd or gummiboot or maybe rEFIt.
    Happy reading!

  • Hello, I have exactly the same problem. Did you get it to work?

    If not, I’m discussing this on this new topic. I’ll post my progress, and things I try.


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