• Fresh ISO install, running into bugs.

    Really hope I’m not becoming a nuisance on here. But a fresh install of a new .iso is leaving me with more issues than I had previously.

    I think most of these are not the fault of antergos developers. Gnome Issues?

    -When I log in and out of gnome my keyboard layout is reset to US QWERTY.
    I use the DVORAK layout which is set in the “input sources” in keyboard settings.
    I have to add another keyboard layout, delete dvorak, add dvorak, delete the other keyboard layout to get it to begin using dvorak again.

    -At one point, both laptops I had running side by side doing different tasks, were not allowing me to change my WiFi connection or modify settings of any of the connections. The gear icon for each connection was gone. and if I clicked the location where it is normally, it showed a loading swirl for a fraction of a second and then nothing. I restarted both computers and the problem dissapeared.

    -At the same time^^ both computers would not shut down or restart and had to be shut down via the power button. This has happened to me on another occasion, which was unrelated to Network Manager issues as far as I remember.

    -Firefox beta will not open after clicking the icon, had to install Firefox stable

    -And probably unrelated to Antergos, but possibly an integration issue, Gnome often makes me click things twice to respond to my requests. Such as clicking the power icon in the menu twice to bring up the icons for power off, restart, etc.

    There’s some other issues like I must run telegram messenger via the terminal each time because no icon is showing up to add to favorites.

  • I still cannot shut down by clicking the power button icon in the menu and selecting power off, or restart for that matter.

    I found a work around for the keyboard. By selecting a secondary keyboard layout. (Dvorak right handed) has kept it from reverting back to qwerty after restarting. At least it didn’t switch it to the secondary dvorak right handed lay out because it’s a total different layout than my regular dvorak.

    There’s also i “virtual keyboard icon” in my running applications bar and a keyboard icon in my top bar which I find to be unnecessary clutter.
    Screenshot from 2015-07-27 09-41-19.png
    Screenshot from 2015-07-27 09-41-34.png

  • updates seem to have fixed isses with Network Manager allowing me to switch WiFi networks and modifying their settings. As well as turning off and restarting computer is now working. Keyboard layout still reverts back to Qwerty unless I set another Dvorak layout with a different name as my secondary keyboard layout. Hopefully it gets worked out but not a big deal to me

    My other issues are related to specific packages, mostly in AUR, and should be fixed by package maintainers. So I will mark this thread as solved.

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