• Trying to install Numix circle icon theme from AUR, but a conflict appears

    Hello Anterguys!

    Im trying to install the numix circle icon theme from AUR, but i have conflicts with this:

    [[email protected] ~]$ yaourt -S numix-circle-icon-theme-git
    ==> Descargando PKGBUILD para numix-circle-icon-theme-git desde AUR...
    x numix-circle-icon-theme.install
    x .SRCINFO
    Comment by orschiro  (2014-10-22 07:53)
    Can someone reproduce a broken Numix Circle Light theme with the latest git pull?
    Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/C4VBBUT.jpg
    Comment by alucryd  (2014-10-22 08:29)
    Seems there was a new Numix-Light theme along with the Numix-Circle-Light one. Updated numix-icon-theme-git to include it. It will fix this one.
    Comment by orschiro  (2014-10-22 08:36)
    Thanks, fixed!
    Comment by wooque  (2015-03-01 16:49)
    Newest revision is r1452.0119a31
    Comment by Jiehong  (2015-05-28 22:18)
    numix-circle-icon-theme-git 0.r1677.fe74d83-1  (2015-03-25 08:13)
    (Paquete sin soporte: ¡podría ser peligroso!)
    ==> ¿Quiere editar PKGBUILD? [S/n] ("A" para anular)
    ==> ------------------------------------------------
    ==> n
    ==> dependencias de numix-circle-icon-theme-git:
     - git (ya instalado)
     - numix-icon-theme-git (compilando desde AUR)
    ==> ¿Quiere editar numix-circle-icon-theme.install? [S/n] ("A" para anular)
    ==> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
    ==> n
    ==> Continuar compilando numix-circle-icon-theme-git? [S/n]
    ==> -------------------------------------------------------
    ==> Compilando e instalando el paquete
    ==> Instalar o compilar las dependencias que faltan para numix-circle-icon-theme-git:
    ==> Descargando PKGBUILD para numix-icon-theme-git desde AUR...
    x numix-icon-theme.install
    x .SRCINFO
    Comment by devn3t  (2014-04-09 20:16)
    I couldn't install this on my system and had to edit the packagebuild:
    --- PKGBUILDOLD.txt	2014-04-09 16:10:21.126705773 -0400
    +++ PKGBUILDNEW.txt	2014-04-09 16:11:28.196677614 -0400
    @@ -14,7 +14,7 @@
    pkgver() {
    Comment by Knalltuete  (2014-04-13 10:34)
    The version number of the package doesn't raise anymore. So it's not possible to get updates, if there are changes on GIT.
    Comment by startas  (2014-06-29 17:39)
    Well, just uninstall the package and install it again. You can check github itsef if there are any changes.
    Comment by startas  (2014-06-29 17:42)
    The package is actually made pretty good, that it doesnt care about the version and just gits the latest files, that way it wont become one of those dead packages, that no one updates, or updates once a year.
    Comment by wooque  (2015-03-01 16:49)
    Newest revision is r289.ec0c844
    numix-icon-theme-git 0.r317.290d12e-1  (2015-03-25 08:11)
    (Paquete sin soporte: ¡podría ser peligroso!)
    ==> ¿Quiere editar PKGBUILD? [S/n] ("A" para anular)
    ==> ------------------------------------------------
    ==> n
    ==> dependencias de numix-icon-theme-git:
     - git (ya instalado)
    **==> conflictos de numix-icon-theme-git:
     - numix-icon-theme-0.r992.918d56f-1**

    conflicts of numix-icon-theme-git: - numix-icon-theme-0.r992.918d56f-1

    I dont want to break the numix square icons or something like that… is this a real problem?

    Thank you

  • It’s a conflict with the same numix package from Antergos repository. I had to uninstall the Antergos package and then install numix-icon-theme-git and numix-circle from AUR. Numix square (from Antergos repo) has the numix-icon-theme as dependency and works fine (so far).

  • Thanks XoseM!

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