• How to update the bootloader so that my existing windows OS would appear when turning the pc on

    Hey guys,

    If I have windows installed and on a different partition, I’ll install Antergos… Then how do up update the current bootloader that I have (by the way, it is a bootloader I have from the previous Linux mint installation). I have a Linux bootloader cd that I used in previous installations, but I assume that in this case, given that windows is already there, I will just have to update the bootloader from the terminal of Antergos, right?

  • As you don’t specify what bootloader, what BIOS, what partitioning scheme do you use, I assume the simplest case:

    • grub2
    • legacy BIOS (not UEFI)
    • MBR partitioning

    There are three options to choose from. In order from simplest to hardest they are:

    1. Installing Antergos, choose to instal grub2 into MBR of the hard disk.

      This is the simplest solution.

      There will be no need to update anything, anywhere. Antergos will automagically detect and include in its menu all OSes it’ll find on the disk(s). The existing bootloader will be substituted by those of Antergos.

    2. Installing Antergos, choose to instal grub2 into its root partition.

      Existing bootloader will be preserved. Nothing will be changed in its menu. Antergos will not be initially included into it. Assuming that this is Mint’s bootloader, to include Antergos into its menu, it will be necessary to run sudo update-grub within Mint, not within Antergos.

    3. Installing Antergos, choose to not instal grub2 at all.

      In this case one must be able to add by hand the part which any grub always places in the root (or /boot) partition. Any grub is always composed from two parts. The first one resides in MBR, the second one - in the root (or /grub) partition. This is very hard to do without a deep knowledge and absolutely clear vision of how grub1 or grub2 work.

      Once the missing (not installed) second part of the grub2 will be added by hand to Antergos root partition, it will be necessary to regenerate Mint’s grub2 menu, to include Antergos into it.

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