• Totem Video player can not play any video files | internal data stream error

    When I play (or try to) a video file, I get the warning, that an “error occured due to internal data-flow error”.
    This happens with ALL video formats I tried (avi, wmv, mkv, mp4 etc).

    This behaviour is new. Because of it, I did a completely new installation for Antergos but it still persists.
    I am using an Dell e7440 notebook with an intel-gpu (hasswell).

    Any idea?

  • Hi,

    Check that you have gst-plugins-ugly, gst-plugins-bad, gst-plugins-base and gst-plugins-good installed.

    Also, some users have reported problems if gst-libav is installed. YMMV on this one, so if you don’t have it, try installing it (and the other way around).


  • oh well, everything is installed. :) I try to uninstall gst-libav. I´ll report ASAP. :)
    Thank you for reply.

  • uninstalling gst-libav didn´t help… :(

  • Uninstalling gstreamer-vaapi


  • Thank you. That helped!
    BUT: do I still have the hardware accelaration for my intel gpu?

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