I’m just testing a live Antergos and notice that my Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 USB audio output device does not show up in the sound control panel. It does show up as an input device but not as an output device so some amount of kernel/alsa detection works. A pacmd dump shows the 6i6 input but again no output. alsamixer shows the device and all the controls I would expect to see and they are unmuted and aplay -l shows the device is detected but even using aplay -D hw:2 just got an error so I am assuming the 4.0.6-1-ARCH kernel or alsa drivers are missing some low level tweaks.

I hate to say this but this USB audio device works just fine under the latest Kubuntu with their lowlat kernel where I have a fully functional pulseaudio + JACK system that gets down to 5ms latency (according to Ardour).

Would anyone have some suggestions as to how I could emulate my current Kubuntu audio setup on Antergos/Arch?