Hi, I just installed Antergos on my Macbook Pro Retina 2013. It works generally out of the box, but as I removed OSX (running Antergos natively), I found out that every single time I try to boot the laptop, it will keep blank screen for around 20-30 seconds before it jumps into GURB screen.

I am pretty sure I have done my Google homework. I tried to “bless” under OSX live System but no luck. Some dudes on Arch Linux forum pointed out that moving some efi file should work cuz Apple firmware are hardware-coded to read from a certain path seeking boot64.efi, I should copy and re-name arch.efi (in this case, antergos.efi) to that location, but it does not work for me as well. Or maybe I did a certain step wrong?

Need some help, thx a lot!