• very nice distro but I have an issue

    I installed the latest Antergos with XFCE. I love it. It’s fast, and clean looking. One thing I can’t do that I have no problem in other distros like Debian or Ubuntu is to get my cronjobs working.
    I went into crontab -e and entered my jobs. They don’t execute at the desired times. Is there something different in how Antergos handles cron?

    Works fine when I try the code from the terminal.

    50 10 * * 7 streamripper http://icecast1.isiglobal.ca:80/chuo.mp3 -d /home/randy/ihtsb -s -l 6600
    39 5 * * * streamripper http://icecast1.isiglobal.ca:80/chuo.mp3 -d /home/randy/chuotest -s -l 660
    40 5 * * * /usr/bin/streamripper http://icecast3.isiglobal.ca:80/ckcu.mp3 -d /mnt/DATA/ -s -l 870
    10 16 * * * /usr/bin/audacious /home/randy/Desktop/GentleRain.mp3
    */20 * * * * /usr/bin/rsync -a  /media/vinyl/ /mnt/DATA/Music/chuo-vinyl/
    1 * * * * /bin/echo testing123 >> /home/randy/test.txt
  • I think you need to install Cronie. Then enable and start it.
    #systemctl enable cronie
    #systemctl start cronie

    As I recall it worked for me, your mileage may vary…

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