using the antergos-minimal-2015.07.01-x86_64.iso my install stopped at 93% installing openbox. why did it have to stop there? 😄

im aware of the mirror problems. i am just going to test out Cnchi when the new release happens.

just reporting my fail. i havent installed antergos in a while i must say the install is looking very nice 👌

just a thought. could we cut out the other isos for download by just using the min.iso 32bit? if you run a 32bit iso wouldnt it be able to pull in x64 packages for the install? also instead of having the gnome live cd why not do something like ubuntu does and have a interactive os on the web site. it pretty much shows how it works and looks and we could also show the other desktops.

1 iso to rule them all