• Call for translators - Cnchi 0.10

    Hi all,

    Cnchi is getting ready for a new release. After two years of working on it, we’ll be ready to launch Cnchi 0.10 in a few weeks (maybe days if we’re lucky). Therefore, new translations are waiting for you in transifex (https://www.transifex.com), so if you want, you can help translate Cnchi to your language.

    All help is much appreciated.

    Thanks to all of you!

    EDIT: For newcomers, we have a quick guide here: http://antergos.com/help-translate-antergos

  • Make it NOT update automatically!

    The automatically updating cnchi and not showing up anything is a major annoyanance.
    I just read a antergos review and that reminded me, older cnchi.py installers were better.

  • Hi karasu

    I just completed the French translation. It has been a bit challenging for some of them, not knowing exactly the context they will be used in. I think I managed though.
    Everything is shown under review by now. Is there anything else I can do to help ?


  • Hi all,

    Thanks @squid-f , that’s fantastic. Translating is a real help. We’ll release Cnchi soon, then you’ll be able to test it against your language and check your translations ;)

    We have 6 full translated languages in ONE DAY!!! Thanks all!


  • Just a word of information @karasu .
    I started translating Cnchi in Greek. For the time being, it`s 83% ready. I will have it done up by tomorrow.
    Keep up with the good work…👌

  • Ι just completed the 100% greek translation of Cinchi. Please, be kind, I am just an ordinary, average GNU/linux user.
    I would be glad to help taking off some of your unnecessary burden in any other way you think, so you can stick more with your development tasks.👏

  • @anarch
    Thanks! Your help is very much appreciated. I’ll think about sharing other tasks… ;)


  • OK,

    I’ve updated ca, el, es_AR, fr, ru, sk and zh_CN !!!


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