• The REAL difference of Arch & Antergos ...

    It’s the Developers, Moderators & forum. Ask a question on any Arch based forum & you will be spoken to with such a condescending tone like you are a naughty child who didn’t say ‘please’ . Here the DEVELOPERS for Pete’s sake try to help any & all with unbelievable patience & respect to the users.

    Antergos - a true work of love. More power to you guys 😎 👍

  • Yes, this.

    Thank you for this.

    Makes me wonder if there are many other ex-crunchbangers up in here, as this was a noticeable feature of the #! forum as well.

  • Thank you for this reassurance about the nature of the support on this forum. That is very encouraging and as a previous archlinux user one of the things that made me move back to *buntu was the harshness of the forum contributors. It didn’t worry me personally too much but when it came time to consider encouraging friends and clients to use linux I really had to consider which distro offered the best support… and *buntu, with all it’s faults, trumped archlinux by a long shot.

  • @excelsior im a ex-crunchbanger 😬

  • i dont mind that the arch forums are strict. thats the way they want it thats fine.

  • Probably the main reason they are down to #11 on Distro watch instead of top 5 where they should be. Antergos is also seen as Arch which could be why they dont rank as high as Manjaro which is seen as a softer Arch.

    I wouldn’t stick with Arch if I had to use their forums either & most solutions to issues I get here or elsewhere.

  • distrowatch isnt really a good measure of popularity. i would say manjaro ranks higher because they are constantly promoting new releases. they make it a big deal anytime they make a release.

    i agree i prefer a more friendly forum. i like to see newbies come in and grow. i do search arch forums for info though but i would never post there.

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