• I can´t install angergos "the remote machine has terminate the connection"

    I love antergos, i have antergos kde in another machine, but, three days ago i still tryng install, but simply i can´t, 6 times and always cnchi shows the message "the remote machine terminate the connection, cnshi is updated, i try with the live and mimimal iso and is the same thing, i am tired, please help :(, my english suck, sorry

  • Jose Luis:

    I had that issue once when I tried to install Antergos on my new laptop for the first time. Although I really don’t know what caused that error, what I understood is something like the server from which I was downloading the required packages for the installation disconnected me, for some reason. The only issue that I noticed was my internet connection was working very slowly, so the process took over one and a half hour… and then I got that error message. I suppose the server disconnects you when the process takes over an expected amount of time… but I really don’t know.

    I warn you that, after I rebooted and started all the installation again, the installer failed to complete the process because:

    1. It couldn’t format the partitions again (I supposed that, at least, the / partition should be formatted because it contained an incomplete set of downloaded packages).
    2. The installer refused to start again until I deleted the partitions and created an unallocated space for the whole OS (Antergos) from scratch. Then, I used the Antergos installer to re-create my /, /home, and swap partitions.

    Kind regards from Chile (yes, I speak Spanish… only for you to know :) ).

  • Hi, again…

    Maybe, you should take a look over this:

    I hope something there helps you.

  • Ty all, after tryng and tryng finnally cnchi install the sysmte, well it’s done

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