• Logitech Mouse craziness[SOLVED]

    Ok, sometime over the past day or two my mouse started acting weird. I thought, initially, this was my video card driver update but I realize it’s my mouse. My system, at bootup, tells me that it cannot assign a name to my mouse. This all happened just over the last two days or so. Single clicks often cause two or three duplicate tabs to open in a browser. I can’t minimize and drag windows around on my desktop and every link I click on has to be clicked on two or three times. I searched online and saw that solaar might be an option for me but I can’t get it to install. Does anyone have a solution for me. I’m on a logitech keyboard and mouse. I know they don’t make any linux drivers. I was fine until just recently.

  • I have a Logitech Mouse and Keyboard and have not noticed any issues. I use Solaar though. Have you tried installing it using yaourt?

    yaourt -S solaar --noconfirm


  • I did and it gave me some error messages informing me that it hadn’t installed it correctly but I checked after I made this post and darn if it wasn’t listed under utilities. I can now close this thread. Thanks.

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