• Antergos install incredibly slow??

    Hey, so I just retried to install antergos. Last time I tried, it took me a day and a half to get to 35%. I had pretty slow internet then. Here I am, trying for the second time to use Antergos, and it’s been 2 hours. It is now at 3%. I have decently fast internet, I really dont understand the issue here. Is it just that big?


  • I felt the same . Last instalation was sloooow . Around 110 , 120 minutes . A few weeks ago it was 30 , 35 . …

  • I had yesterday the same problem when testing, it stalled on one package at 7% mark and after 30min or so I had to stop the installation. This happened multiple times in my installation testing. Maybe the installer should detect how fast it’s downloading and if it’s too slow, maybe something like a pop-up should come up and tell the user something, or different download servers should be selected automatically if one gets too slow (so, not only selecting the fastest one at the beginning of installation but also switch to a different server if the selected one gets too slow).

    I decided that first the "Can’t install necessary packages. Cnchi can’t continue. " error should be fixed before mentioning another problems. E.g. I get "Oh no! Something has gone wrong. " each time I boot from USB stick on Intel’s NUC but I’m gonna post this problem after the mentioned error is fixed.

  • That smells like a mirror problem. I can’t do anything about it, just tell you that we have improved the mirror choosing in the upcoming Cnchi 0.10 release.

    For what is worth, in my tests Cnchi never gets more than 30 minutes to install Antergos (I’m in Europe, if that counts).

    I decided that first the "Can’t install necessary packages. Cnchi can’t continue. " error should be fixed before mentioning another problems.

    What is there to fix? This error means that Cnchi can’t download or install the packages needed. Then, in the log you can see which package couldn’t download/install. Again, there’s little we can do about this, because most of the time is a mirror problem (mirror is not updated or not working at all). Cnchi tries other mirrors in this cases, but if the non updated thingy is the package database, there’s nothing to solve this.

    Again, new Cnchi 0.10 has new downloading code, that will tell the user the downloading speed, but there’s nothing we can do about non updated or faulty mirrors.


  • what for me helps all time is i use the arch pacman mirrorlist generator and then use one server which is in my country.

  • @karasu …so is there a way for me to build an iso image with the new (idc how experimental) cnchi installer? I can’t find anything on your build server

  • @QuantumQweef

    There’re a few quircks that need to be solved first. I’ll post a testing message as soon as possible so anybody will be able test it (and report their findings ;) )

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