• Love Antergos .... HATE installing it.

    Please take this as feedback & constructive criticism.

    I have 2 PC’s & a laptop all have been running Antergos for around a year in total. Lately though some strange bugs started appearing. Totem refused to start, same with Deluge & then with Midori. All seemed a little unstable so I thought I would do a fresh install.

    My last fresh install was only in April with the latest version. I still had the DVD so used that. Hmmm the ‘updating / starting cnchi’ worked but cnchi wouldn’t start up. Downloaded the new July version & cnchi started fine but numerous attempts ended with it either stopping during downloads or getting to the end & failing. Tried over a couple of days on my main PC & Laptop same result. Then suddenly it worked on my laptop. Meanwhile on my PC I installed OpenSuse with no problem but didn’t like it & then Manjaro, also installed with no issues. So now I am running Manjaro.

    Far too many problems everytime with the install process over the year which I have never had with any other Distro. Btw did I read that Manjaro uses a version of cnchi? I have to wonder if many new users are also driven away from Antergos to Manjaro because of this?

    I will continue with my latop & 2nd PC running Antergos, at least while I try out Manjaro.

  • Hi,

    I’m sorry to hear you had this bad experience.

    The big difference between those systems and us is that we supply an updated system, whereas those distributions install a “freezed” system that then you have to update. Other’s approach is easier to install as you always install the same, nothing changes, but once installed you have to update all packages.

    As we always install the latest software we can’t control the updates that occur after we’ve released our iso. You should ALWAYS use the latest version of Cnchi ;)

    Btw did I read that Manjaro uses a version of cnchi?

    Yes, that’s true, but as I explained they don’t download the packages, they install those versions that are on the ISO.

    I hope this explains it.


  • Given I have never had a trouble free install wouldn’t it be a better user experience to install Antergos & then update too? Seems you are making things too difficult for yourselves & the user.

  • @Uzi Please keep in mind that your experience and the others like it that can be found on the forum does not represent what the majority of users experience. Typically when things go well users don’t post in the forum. (that’s a general rule of thumb that applies to any product/service really). We don’t offer an offline installation of a frozen package base because doing so would not be inline with the way an Arch system is designed to function. We will, of course, continuously work to improve upon the download process. using the latest community accepted “best practices” that are relevant at the time.


  • Seems you are making things too difficult for yourselves & the user.

    @Uzi Could not agree more.
    I appreciate the work you guys have done. It just seems like a HUGE oversight to not allow an offline install. I went through no less than 9 iterations of trying to finish the download when I kept getting the “reset by peer” issue (pretty infuriating when it’s 70%+ complete and tanks). And when I finally managed to get to 100%, it dies on some key or checksum mis-match.

    Suffice it to say, I had to restrain myself from giving my machine the frisbee treatment.

    Just taking a quick glance around the form, it seems like a good chunk of issues could be taken off your plate if you just had a checkbox that someone could uncheck for “get latest updates” or something. It’s not that big of a deal to update after the install. Hell, running arch, one gets used to daily updates.

    The unfortunate thing is that I really wanted to let your distro drive my new laptop. Unfortunately, the number of issues that I’ve run into that seem to reside on remote machines is too much burn any more time on. It looked like it was going to save me a bunch of time setting up, but it unfortunately has done the opposite.

  • There are so many distributions . Antergos’ team choosed their way . Who like the same idea , uses it . Who prefere other way , choose other distro .
    Antergos’ team , please , don’t change your way .
    I have not intention to be rude . Apologizes for any misunderstanding here , English is not my language .
    By the way , could you improve pt-BR at KDE4 instalation please ? 😘

  • I see from the number of new threads that many others are getting the same frustrations with d/l hanging / stalling / failing.

    I am sure it will get fixed but for now, time to try out some other distros.

  • I was having the same issue, and it is certainly frustrating. However, it wasn’t that hard to solve, thanks to karasu’s guidance. I suggest you try this:


    It’s merely a mirror problem apparently, and by selecting manually what mirrors to use, my installation finished succesfully. Also, karasu said that the next cnchi version will do this selectio automatically, and i intend to try that out! Try that solution, it is worth it.

  • Hi

    Antergos offers a great experience of Arch and cutting edge softwares and DE.
    Installing has been a bit painful, I agree ; nothing impossible to overcome though with a great support from the forum.

    That being said, I have tried many distros and not all installers are great, even offline ones ; far from that ! I consider OpenSuse one as the best (to my taste). Having a more flexible LVM installation would be fantastic with Antergos.

    Antergos is a young distro and it will improve along the time, I am sure. I will stay with them for sometime as, so far, it is the best experience I have had with Arch and cutting edge Gnome & softwares.

  • Please note - I said I love Antergos BUT after numerous tries to install, failed. I still have it on my laptop & 2nd pc.

  • Just to finish this one off right - checked out Manjaro & Opensuse didn’t like as much Antergos, so tried again all all good. Back to 100% Antergos on my 3 machines (http://forum.antergos.com/topic/2520/cnchi-working-at-last-thanks-antergos-team)

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