• Need Help Dual Booting WIndows 7 with Antergos

    If this topic has been covered already I apologize upfront.
    I have been trying out different Linux Distros now for about a month. I really would like to try antergos, but I’m having trouble dual booting it with windows 7. Could someone please give me a step by step tutorial on how to do this especially formatting the hard drive - partitioning the hard drive. I’m a little confused on this part. All other distros I’ve dual booted with did this automatically.
    Thank You Very Much.

  • You need to go into Advanced Setup to dualboot with windows 7

    If you have a spare partition for installing Antergos or if you’re installing it replacing some other distro, you can use that partition, format that partition to ext4 and set mount point as “/” and begin installation!

    and yes, the topic has been discussed before. Here.

    If you still face any problem, you may ask us here :)

    Archlinux x64

    AMD A4-3305M Processor
    6GB RAM
    1GB+512MB Hybrid AMD GPU

  • I can not tell if it will be like. But it’s nice if you have studied.

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