• Flooded with Nouveau errors then automaticly reboots, if I make it past that, "Oh no! something has gone wrong", if I make it past that the desktop freezes after a minute.

    I feel like the title summarizes most of it.
    I’m trying to install Antergos with a live USB, but I am having lots of problems.
    Sometimes it will repeat the line “nouveau E[ PFIFO][0000:01:00.0] SCHED_ERROR” (in addition to a few numbers) over and over again, then reboot on it’s own.
    When that doesn’t happen, I will encounter a plain white screen saying “oh no! something has gone wrong”, and telling me to log out. Sometimes when I do log out, it will take me to the log-in screen no problem, sometimes it will freeze.
    If I ever make it to the desktop, it will freeze after a few minutes.

    I am installing on a Asus N550JK laptop.

  • @5uper said:

    Asus N550JK

    Try adding the following to the kernel boot command (just start typing when the White Boot Screen appears):

  • I’m ogin to be honest. I didn’t really solve this issue, I just kept trying until I could install. Then I ditched Nouveau.

  • Isn’t there any way to get rid of nouveau, at least for minimal installation image?
    Installing Antergos is somewhat really tricky for me too, but I don’t understand why with other distros I don’t get this strange behavior.

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