• libGLU.so.1

    Hello! I’ve recently installed Antergos and I had a problem with running Tibia (http://www.tibia.com).
    It says I’m missing the libGLU.so.1 package. (error while loading shared libraries: libGLU.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)
    I’ve googled a bit and couldn’t find any helpful answer. I tried using the libGLU-git package on the AUR using yaourt, and even updating mesa through sudo pacman -S mesa but the problem still persists.

  • @jumiknight said:

    error while loading shared libraries: libGLU.so.1


    Try installing lib32-glu


  • Oh, I managed it, my thanks. First I tried searching it through the pacman command, but I went to the Arch Wiki and downloaded the package and installed myself. Many thanks.

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