• Not possible to login after lock screen

    I am getting a completely blank screen too, now.

    I found this post, which works for me. I set the command to Ctrl-Alt-D. After logging in, I hit that shortcut and click the mouse and my screen is up again.

  • I haven’t tried ace214’s solution, but I’d like to add my 0.2c here. Since I was having problems with lightdm in the past (and since I actually prefer the default Gnome display manager & screensaver), I usually do this on a fresh install: disable the lightdm lock screen extension using Tweak Tool, uninstall xscreensaver, and install gnome-screensaver. Never had a problem since then.

    This should be enough in your case, but I also replace lightdm with gdm (sudo systemctl disable lightdm.service, then uninstall lightdm and light-locker-settings and install gdm, finally sudo systemctl enable gdm.service).

  • I don’t think anyone ever tried to fix this problem, but I am no longer have the issue after recent lightdm updates.

    I have lightdm-webkit2-greeter-0.2.3-1, but I think it happened before that.

  • Problem is still present on my system (fresh install yesterday).

    Even when i reboot, login screen turns black when i click the time in the center.
    I just briefly see the users and after that, only the mouse cursor.
    However, i’m able to blindly click on a user since the arrow turns to a hand (link underneat the mouse pointer)

    I have same version 0.2.3-1.
    Want to try keeping the default but this bug keeps running on my nerves!

    I’m with default nouveau driver on nVidia GT218M (Toshiba Satellite A660 laptop).

    20151123: After yesterday updates (some mesa, xorg, etc), seems to fix it.
    20151124: Nope, always have the problem.

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