• Golden Dict Pronounciation Does not Work!!!

    Hey Guys
    I installed golden dict using pacman , and added forvo api key to it, but it cant pronounce words?
    external player:mplayer
    Any Idea?

  • If you have placed the TTS file in /usr/share change external player to aplay

  • There is no TTS file, I used to pronounce it with forvo api key.

  • i supposed you need to download & import babylon dictionaries in order to work
    why dont you use longman? its the best dictionary ever IMO

  • @clever change your player to aplay.

  • I changed my player to aplay and just got some “ffff” sounding noise.
    then i changed it back to mplayer and it worked!!!
    i dont know how it got solved, but eager to know.

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