• [SOLVED] HPLIP - error 5012

    Hi there,
    A problem with my wifi printer (officejet 6700 all-in-one) hplip & dependencies are ok, I can print when I install, but after reboot, any print attempt leads to an error (5012 or 700 ).
    I changed the URI for : hp:/net/Officejet_6700?ip= (my HP’s static IP) but it isn’t solved.
    I checked permission as well, seems ok too

    :~$ groups asatysco2
    sys lp wheel network video audio storage scanner autologin users

    Any hint ?

  • Verify that you have cups enabled to start at boot:

    sudo systemctl enable org.cups.cupsd
  • I entered your command & restarted, no change.
    Could it be a privilege problem ? When I use the GUI print interface asks for “unlock”.
    I have to enter my password to activate the printer, but as soon as I start a test print, it stops to be activated.
    When I launch the troubleshooting stuf, it says that printer stops with “rendering completed” (cannot copy the text)

  • Hmm…I havent owned a printer in years so I am not well versed in this area. Perhaps someone else will chime in to provide some insight 😬

  • Have you tried using USB to begin with to rule out that cups works as intended to begin with?

  • @jkw said:

    Have you tried using USB to begin with to rule out that cups works as intended to begin with?


  • Cups works : USB works with not problem.
    I retested : wifi works when installed.
    It stops functionning @ first reboot.
    I also have a Manjaro on a twin computer : no such problem. This very computer prior install (untill 10 days ago) was Xubuntu 15.10 : no problem either.
    I suspect a privilege issue, but where ?

  • Did you do as @lots.0.logs suggested?

  • Yes I did, but it wasn’t it.
    I set a fixed IP for my printer, so I tried to change it.
    While checking the change by calling my IP in my browser, I saw that when you set a fixed IP, you have to force the DNS.
    It just happened that my provider’s DNS where obsolete.
    Just inputting fresh DNS solved that problem.
    I just don’t get two things :

    • why did the print start & interrupt.
    • why, could I print from another computer (Xubuntu)

    By the way, I learned during the process that groups management has changed : https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Users_and_groups#Pre-systemd_groups
    thus I amended whith gpasswd -d [user] [group] for lp,scanner & sys.
    My up to drate groups is :
    wheel network video audio storage users autologin

  • Whenever the message displayed on screen , turn off your printer immediately and turn on back again. If problem persists, see the Hp Officejet 6700 manual to fix the issue as there may be a problem inside the printer.

  • @cdbadhgb again 2 years old treat without relevance for today…

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