• Missing update manager and AUR package

    Hi, today by accident i uninstalled Yaourt pulling Pacman away from Antergos automatically, so i tried to correct my error installing Pacman from Archlinux.org package succesfully and then Yaourt with pacman, but the Update manager and AUR package dissapear anyways, and i think pacman -Sy command dont do anything now (Not only the GUI applications for uptade and AUR package managing isnt working)… Help please!. D:

  • I didn t quite get you. If pacman doesn`t work, how did you manageto perform the installs you mention. Maybe you mean you uninstalled “pamac” and NOT “pacman”?.
    If so, just re-install pamac (the GUI updater) and you are done…

  • @anarch Maybe i read Pacman hahahaha because now its working :D … I just installed pamac and worked… Solved!.

  • Glad to hear!👍

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