• "Oh no! Something has gone wrong" message with i686 iso

    I wanted to install the i686 version of antergos but at the end of the boot process from live usb I got this message.
    I’m facing it on many different kind of laptops. The only success I had was with virtualbox.
    The x64 iso works just fine.

  • Same here. Every time I boot with a live i686 USB, I am getting this message.
    But if I burn the ISO on a DVD, it works fine some times and sometimes takes me to the command line.

  • What if you use ENTER to continue? It should “reset” lightdm and try again…

  • Hi All

    I am new here and I am getting the same issue with the usb install of 64bit. I get the error msg “Oh no! Something has gone wrong” I then his enter and it takes me to the login screen. I then try and login to the system and it just resets back to the login.

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