• My screen don't Sleep, i don't have a button it's an iMac...

    my screen don’t want to blank (no dimming too), I’ve checked the gnome settings via the UI and the interface and it’s all ok.
    The luminosity control work

    • on the lock screen the blanking -> works ok
    • xset dpms force off -> works ok
      my setting:
      [xxxx ~]$ gsettings get org.gnome.desktop.session idle-delay
      uint32 300

    what can i do ?
    I’ve looked everywhere

  • In fact, when i “xset dpms force off” after about 8 sec of black the screen flash then move to the lock screen (seems like something had crashed)

  • Hi
    It is because of the lightDM. You have to either replace it with GDM . There are instruction on how to do it here
    Or get this gnome extention and switch your monitor on & off manually (which is my choice).


  • @anarch works !
    thank you ;-)

  • Glad to hear! Out of curiosity, which way did you go?😄

  • actually i had to choose GDM sadly because with the extension 5 or 6 sec after the app chrash and i’m back to the login screen.
    Where this bug (“lightDM screen blanking don’t works in Antergos”) can be tracked so i can go back when this is ready ?

    anyway thanks

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