• Changing Adwaita Gtk theme

    Hello dear Antergos user i want to change Adwaita Gtk css but i couldn’t find way to change that
    I want to change only color code of

    /* default color scheme */
    @define-color base_color #273338;
    @define-color bg_color #1e272b;
    @define-color text_color #dedede;
    @define-color fg_color #dcdcdc;
    @define-color selected_bg_color #1a80b6;
    @define-color selected_fg_color #f9f9f9;
    @define-color tooltip_bg_color #1e272b;
    @define-color tooltip_fg_color #dcdcdc;

    /* dark color scheme */
    @define-color dark_bg_color #1e272b;
    @define-color dark_fg_color #dcdcdc;

  • I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure I read somewhere that the Adwaita theme is now compiled into GTK/GNOME binaries. It’s not editable after its installed.

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