• Installation error [can't find dnsutils package]

    Trying to install “antergos-2015.06.03-x86_64.iso”, I get the following error:

    [2015-06-22 23:50:39] [metalink] ERROR: Can’t find these packages: dnsutils
    [2015-06-22 23:50:39] [download] ERROR: Error creating metalink for package dnsutils. Installation will stop
    [2015-06-22 23:50:39] [process] ERROR: “Can’t create download package list. Check log output for details”

    I forced an updated to cnchi and pacman and I ran “pacman -Syy”, still the same error, log in attachment.

  • Package is no longer called “dnsutils” it is now https://www.archlinux.org/packages/extra/x86_64/bind-tools/

  • How can I change the installer to look for the new name? This makes all current install discs broken by design.

  • i have same error. i have been installing blind bla bla mirror list but still i have : " Can’t find these packages: dnsutils …" i am near to eat my brain ! a little package that was changed can kill all progress ! why isnt antergos installation stable ? alltime errors errors errors ! i want to murder that chinchi !

  • This issue has been corrected.


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