• [SOLVED]Skype autostarting

    Hello everyone, i’m using XFCE and i’m having trouble with disabling skype autostart. Everytime i log on, the skype autoruns. I disabled the option on skype to connect when load the system. I also went in the xfce settings and disabled the automatically inicialing of skype. None of the options fit me. I’m a newbie and thats why i’m posting it here.
    Thank you for your help and patience and sorry about my english.

  • Hi,

    Check in the following directory to see if there is a skype file and if so, delete it:



  • Thank you for your reply, but i checked and there is no skype file =/

  • What about in ~/.config/autostart

  • Still no.

  • Reviving the post. Can anyone help me? I went all over the internet but still found no solution to my problem.

  • XFCE is desktop envivorment of your first choice? Did You install Antergos with another DE, and then switch to XFCE?

  • Try to remove XFCE-session-cache with rm -rf ~/.cache/sessions/ and reboot.

  • Thanks for your replies.
    Yes, i installed with XFCE as first DE.

    I dit it!!! My problem was solved by adding a script at start up that has the command that h00ver told.

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