• Linux Insider Antergos review 6-18-15


  • "The primary direction should be instructions on burning the ISO file to a DVD. Creating a bootable USB as a live session is a separate and unnecessary process".
    This is a point that needs consideration on behalf of the devs. I would not agree that a live USB is unnecessary, but instructios on how to burn a DVD is missing IMHO…

  • Every burning application has an option “burn ISO to DVD”. This will hardly be a hurdle.

    But many modern computers are small laptops or mini PCs. At home I have four computers, only one of them has an optical drive. On the other three computers (an 11.6’’ laptop, an EEEBox and a Zotac ZBox) a live USB is mandatory in order to install an OS.

  • @Conni said:

    Every burning application has an option “burn ISO to DVD”. This will hardly be a hurdle.
    But many modern computers are small laptops or mini PCs

    Still, instructions on how to burn a DVD are missing. After all, it was not a complaint of a noob, but a remark from Linux insider themselves…

  • Maybe my thinking is wrong, but if you are planning on installing and Arch-based distro on your laptop, you should know how to burn a DVD. I’ve had more trouble in the past finding the right tool for creating a live-usb, burning a live-dvd is widely explained on the internet, since it’s older technology I think.

  • Well, there`s always an “if” hidden somewhere. To be honest, if you are planning on installing ANY distro on a machine, you shoul know how to burn either of them.😆
    But if (the magic word) someone decides to provide complete instructions he should not leave out any possible ways of installation IMHO…😄

  • That’s true. Knowledge of installation of a working OS should come after knowledge on burning an ISO file… What I meant is that Arch is an intimidating distro for Linux users, let alone Linux newcomers. So maybe I expect full instructions on iso burning at ubuntu homepage, but I don’t think it’s necessary here. That’s IMHO… I mean, I’ve been using *buntu for years, for basic desktop, and thanks to Antegos I got into Arch, because I knew it was something else…

  • Then instructions on burning the iso should be ommited altogether. Don`t you think so?😆
    Besides, very few people that I know, use a DVD as a live media in any distro, let alone Arch…😉

  • i dont see anything wrong at all with the download page. it gives you a quick review of the options antergos has and then gives instructions on how to load on to a usb which ive seen many people ask about in the forum. then gives you download options.

    its probably one of the best download screens ive seen for a linux distro.

    anyone who has used linux before knows how to burn a iso to dvd.

  • @megaman said:

    anyone who has used linux before knows how to burn a iso to dvd

    1. Still, this is not a strong point for not including it (said it already, above)… For example…
    2. Don`t be so certain when referring to “anybody” . If I follow your thinking, anyone who has used linux before knows how to create a live USB" .😆
      it is not an argument between us, the Antergos users, chatting inside our forum.
      It is the fact that something was remarked negatively (and in good will) in a popular site read by lots of users.
      Should it be left to go wasted?
      Should it be left un-noticed?
      Should we be sure that linux users know such stuf, so it is some uneccessary information to include?
      Should you answer them yourself and put things back in order, as the forum moderator who publiced this review here, in the fist place? (again, your answer will be lost down below the rewiew)
      Good things are good to read. But taking bad things into consideration help you improve yourself and become even better…👍
  • Hahahah!😆 No need to be. There are more serious subjects than this one!😉

  • @anarch that was a huge post for just talking about burning a iso. i dont think its that complicated.

  • As far as I am concerned, I was just answering questions and explaining my point of view when I believed it was not clear…👍

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