I tried Antergos on that machine. A screen appeared about UEFİ. I waited to time pass, and waited, waited. Nothing happened. I reboot and I select to top selection and 2. choice. There was writing “EFİ 1” 3. choice, “EFİ 2”. I tried all of the choices but it didn’t work. Even my macbook pro’s light didn’t lighted. My usb didn’t lighted. Nothing happened, just a black screen. I tried it on my old Asus laptop (F5SL) it worked like a charm and it was a perfect os :)

This is the macbook model I’ve tried in my test. İnfact it’s not mine. I just borrowed it for testing.


İnfact, I don’t care about apple and it would be my last choice for hardware. Because it has very expensive and not compatible hardware. But I’m sure there will be guys who want to give a try to antergos but using macbook. I think we shouldn’t ignore them.

Sorry about “bad english”. I tried to express myself as best as i can.

Here is my shots;