• Autocomplete in Alt-F2 prompt

    Hi, I might be asking a really dumb question…
    I’ve always used the Alt-F2 combination for starting programs, and I noticed that in the Antergos GNOME installation, the command doesn’t autocomplete. It does when I press Tab, but in Debian 8 for example, it autocompletes as you type, giving you the option to press enter at any given character. I hope I made myself clear…

  • I couldnt find any information on a bug related to this. I recommend giving gnome-do a try. You can install it with pacman. Cheers!

  • I’ll give it a try when I get home to my laptop! thanks! I wouldn’t call it a bug, maybe i’ll look at the dconf editor. Only in debian 8, for instance, you do the alt-f2 combo and then type “subd” and hit enter to run subdownloader. In Antergos you have to TAB first. It’s not the end of the world :laughing:
    I’ll try gnome-do as I won’t leave Antergos for Debian, not for now.

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