• Can anyone help me dual boot antergos and windows 7?


    So, i’m new to antergos and I really want to dual boot it on my laptop that is currently running windows 7.

    This is my school laptop and it has all of my schoolwork on, so I really don’t want to mess anything up and accidentally delete all of my schoolwork.

    Iv’e been searching around the internet for guides on how to do this with the antergos installer, but I couldn’t find anything so I’m posting here.
    I have 2 drives in my laptop: “C:” (Has 346 gigs available, windows is installed on it) and “D:” (Has 22.4 gigs available, most of the school stuff is on this drive).
    I want to make it so every time I boot the laptop up, I will have a choice to either use antergos or windows 7.
    So basically, I want to install antergos along side windows 7 without deleting anything.

    (I have already made a bootable flash drive running the latest version of antergos live and Iv’e tried antergos out using the “Try antergos” function, but I have not installed it)

    I’ve used linux in the past, but I just couldn’t find any help around the web with this.

    I would really appreciate some help!
    Thank you very much!

    1. Type diskmgmt.msc into the windows search and open it
    2. Shrink your C: Disk partition to make space for 2 partitions
    3. One partition will be called swap (this should be around double the size of your ram)
    4. One partition will be called root (around 10 GB is fine)
    5. Power off
    6. Open the live boot usb you have and start installing it through the install menu that will pop up
    7. When you get to the settings for where you want to install click custom
    8. Set your Swap drive to store swap and your root drive to store ext4 ( location should be “/”)
    9. Finish installation
    10. Dual boot will set itself up congratulations!
      If you are unsure about something please ask i would be happy to help!
  • Iv’e tried your instructions 2 times now, and every time the installer finishes installing antergos and I restart the laptop, it wont boot into anything at all, it just seems that windows and atnergos were deleted from the computer… I tried fiddling around with the BIOS and boot options but I couldn’t get anything to work, any suggestions?

  • Sounds like grub crashing…

    • Boot into antergos live session
    • Open terminal and check which partition is AntergosRoot (Using lsblk -f)
    • Mount the partition mount -t ext4 /dev/sda1 /mnt
      Replace /dev/sda1 with the AntergosRoot Partition
    • Chroot into mounted partition arch-chroot /mnt
    • then make sure os-prober is installed sudo pacman -Sy os-prober
    • Reinstall grub grub-install /dev/sda
      Where /dev/sda is assumed to be your harddisk partition, replace it with whatever yours is, if not sda
  • @basedanon yep, it works. Also you can partition manually (root, swap and home) from antergOS live cd or usb.

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