Hi All,

I have modified some of the shortcuts on xfce to be similar to windows however I cannot get the following to work:

Don’t know how to change the default shortcut of I think CTRL+ALT+D for “Show Desktop”, and I would like to know if you can setup shortcuts for the 6 ways you can show multiple windows.

Side by side (Shortcuts for left and right each taking up half screen).

In XFCE now you can also split windows into four and show them in Top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right.

Though I don’t know how to assign keyboard shortcuts ( I am thinking Win + a num key from the numpad) to the 6 areas a window can sit.

Someone here mentioned possibly changing the Window manager with XFCE and adding compiz may work. But I don’t know how to work out what window manager Antergos default xfce environment has bundled with xfce?


Many thanks.