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    Hey everyone,
    Yesterday I found my old Wii and decided to try to make something cool out of it. So I installed “Wiivnc” which is a vnc client for your Wii.
    I want to control the pc upstairs which is running Antergos with my Wii. I installed tigervnc on my computer and ran the server.

    At this point I could connect and saw a terminal. I also could control my pc but didn’t see anything on the Wii except the terminal saying that for example a chromium window had been opened.

    Well I had a look at the arch vnc wiki and added these lines to .vnc/xstartup so I could see a graphical interface:
    exec gnome-session

    But now I see all black + working crusor. Not even a terminal. So can you guys help me?
    Btw it’s not a problem with the wii beacause connecting with a vnc client on my android phone gives the same result: all black.

    I am running
    Intel® Core™ i5-2500 CPU @ 3.30GHz × 4
    GNOME Shell 3.16.2

    Thanks in advance

  • Have you tried any other VNC-server?

  • Never mind I got it working although I dont exacty know what the issue really was. Maybe it had something to do with a restart or running it as root.

    Anyway it wasn’t what I expected it to be. It was my first time using vnc and I didn’t know vnc had problems streaming video’s.

    Then I found Splashtop which is exacty what I am looking for . So I installed Linux on my wii folowing this example [http://www.linux.org/threads/linux-on-the-wii.6606/](link url) and then tried to install the .deb installation package of the Splashtop client but I got an error message saying: *package architecture (i386) does not match system (powerpc) *.

    It would be really cool if it would work but I dont know how to solve this error + there are no alternatives. I don’t want to start a new topic since it doesn’t have anything to do with antergos anymore but if anybody has a solution I would be glad to hear it.

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