• VUDU/Ultraviolet vs Chromium?

    Any of you guys able to get Vudu or Ultraviolet to work in Chromium?

    For some reason, I am thinking this used to work fine for me with Chrome in Mint, but my memory ain’t what it used to be. I suppose I could try Chrome and see if it works, but you guys got me on Chromium now, so I’m trying to stay here ;)

    I can log into my account just fine, but I only get a “watch trailer” button instead of “play.” I have installed Widevine and pepperflash, if that is relevant.


  • Anybody got any ideas on this one? If nothing else, I just need to confirm if maybe my memory isn’t what it used to be, and perhaps it never worked in Linux.

  • @Myk-Robinson You can install Chrome in Antergos too. Chrome and Chromium is not the same.
    Chromium is just the base-browser, Chrome has much built in, like better support for flash/silverlight etc.

  • I tried Chrome, same results. I’m guessing maybe I just remember wrong.

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