• anyone see Jurassic World?

    thought it was a great movie! had some really good 3D affects. it really makes up for those last 2 Jurassic Parks that weren’t so good.

  • Awesome movie.
    Came really as a surprise.

  • I thought it was a lost franchise… (a first good movie and the others were simply bullshit).

    You made me curious about the last one… will check it asap! xD


  • @karasu i agree with that. the 1st movie was amazing for its time but 2 and 3 were just money grabbers with no thought at all put in to it.

    the lost world isnt better then the 1st one but it was a fun watch. 3d made a lot more fun

  • It was awesome, no where around me had it in 3d without me driving an hr or more. Still awesome movie and worth the money to me.

  • Yup, It was a good movie.

  • I agree the special effects were great. And the characters were likeable. However the story was predictable and boring.

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