• Minimal ISO Cinnamon; "cnchi can't continue"

    Hi all,

    I’m sat at a fresh install of Antergos with Xfce; I used the minimal install ISO.
    I really wanted Cinnamon, but if I choose it then the installation fails with the “cnchi can’t continue” error message.

    It happens after it has downloaded all the packages and is checking for conflicts. Running testing.sh shows that the error is a conflict between some packages in the Cinnamon desktop, which is a shame. I retried it a couple of times to no avail.

    I just installed cinnamon with pacman -S cinnamon, and it seems to have worked without any problems. I’ll log out and switch to it in a minute to confirm.

    Anyone got any ideas? Is this a bug I should report somewhere?

    EDIT: Yep, Cinnamon is working fine. Strange that there was a conflict when installing it with cnchi.

  • Can confirm the same thing happening here.

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