• [SOLVED] Software or Internet browser for Hulu

    Is there any software that will allow me to watch hulu videos or even a browser that works? I’m on a 64 bit system and Boxee will not install and clearly hulu is no longer supporting their hulu desktop. I have tried a variety of browser and the only one that will allow me to watch videos on hulu is chromium although the frame rate is slow. I have tried Opera, Palemoon and Firefox. Obviously they all need to start making their own flash versions like Chromium. Your thoughts?

  • @linux_mark i use chromium with pepperflash and hulu plays fine for me.

  • @megaman Thanks guy. Will try to install it later. Maybe that’s the piece of the pie that I’m missing. :)

  • Ok, all is working and it’s cook that Opera can use it too because Opera uses fewer resources the Chromium.

    Thanks again megaman. :) I think it was installed already but I installed a later version of pepperflash and that seemed to correct the framerate issue.

  • Do I need to mark this thread as solved? If so, how to i do it?

  • Edit the topic and write [SOLVED] before topic name :D

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  • @Yash I’ve done it for him.


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