• jw player videos embedded in firefox


    i’m not able to play jw-player videos embedded in firefox browser.
    Its sure possible if flashplugin is installed then jw-player use flash to work, but i don’t want install flashplugin.
    I only get sound, and instead of video only a green frame.

    example site : http://www[dot]jwplayer[dot]com

    Using the same firefox profil in (ubuntu) linux is able to play jw-player embedded videos (without flash!), so there must be missing something antergos or arch specific, or not?
    anyone an idea?

  • The JWPlayer is simply a video player, its not a video format. There’s no such thing as jw player videos. Where can I see an example of a video that you are unable to play? THe most likely explanation is that the video is a flash video and does not have an HTML5 version. Though another possibility is that the format of the HTML5 video is one which Firefox does not support by default (which would cause the JWPlayer to fall-back to Flash)


  • yes, of cause, no video format. I meant videos embedded in web browser, here firefox, using jwplayer.
    I can’t play embedded video on jw player’s maine site, for example.
    your most likely explantation and though another possibility in this case is not right, how i tell before, one and the same firefox profil without flash plugin (movin it from ubuntu to antergos) is able to play the example video on ubuntu OS but not on antergos.

    (For test what about a new firefox profil i took a brand new one in antergos/firefox to see if the standart profil without flash is able to play example video on jwplayer main site: No not able.)

    So for me it don’t look like having to do with firefox, but with antergos (arch)

    I’m not interest of writing: oh look, ubuntu does it, antergos not or something like that.
    I want to use and stay with antergos cause i like it very much. I don’t want use two os, or falling back to ubuntu cause having probs in small thing while main antergos does great work.

  • The video on the jwplayer website plays fine for me in Firefox without flash. Perhaps you are missing a required package. Unfortunately there are so many packages related to media playback that it’s hard to say which package you might be missing. A good place to start is search pacman database for:

    1. gstreamer
    2. gst
    3. codec
  • i can confirm its playing fine in both chromium and firefox on my side.

    are you using any ad blocks or noscript maybe? could possibly cause the issue.

  • just installed new antergos xfce for test. out of box required package is missing.

    yes, hard to say…

    1. gestreamer installed
      2 gst installed
      3 codec hm, under codec are many packages, i guess you don’t mean package named codec.
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