• Broadcom WiFi Issue

    I am running Antergos Openbox on a Dell 1525 with a Broadcom 4311, WiFi card. I got the wireless working, but it is very slow. I am considering replacing the wifi card with another type, which Dell has used four different manufacturers: Intel, Realtek, Atheros & Broadcom. Which of these has the best driver support in Linux for Arch based distributions? I am just going to replace the Broadcom card. Thanks for your support!!!

  • Hi,

    Before throwing that card, I think that one works with both b43 and wl (proprietary) drivers. Which one are you using? Have you tried the other one?


  • Though if you were to replace the card, here’s your list in order of their linux support/compatibility:

    1. Intel
    2. Atheros
    3. Realtek
    4. Broadcom


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