• Cannot boot Antergos from a USB stick

    I’ve made a bootable USD flash drive (also tries USB image writer under Windows):

    sudo dd bs=4M if=./antergos-2015.06.03-x86_64.iso of=/dev/sdb &&  sync

    Both in UEFI and Legacy modes is starts to boot, I notice a few lines saying systemctl has deleted a job… (fuse, systemd and some systems stuff which is pretty weird) and when X starts I see just a black screen saying:

    Oh no! Something went wrong!
    A problem has occurred and the system can’t recover. Please log out and try again

    When I switch to another TTY and login as root I enter a busybox session (what are username and password for a default user in live session?).
    By the way when I created a live USB with LILI under Windows everything worked OK but I couldn’t boot in legacy mode (to be able to install Antergos in legacy mode).

  • @mie

    I know this might sound stupid, but have you tried to log out and log in again?

  • Sure I did, tried both UEFI and Legacy modes. No success.

    But. When I used LILI (Windows tool) and boot in UEFI mode everything worked smoothly, though Legacy mode didn’t.

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