• Installing Antergos with Gnome Shell and OpenBox

    Hi dear antergos users
    I have tried so many distros and so many desktop enviroment and i choose Antergos because it is easy to install and arch based distro at the same time it get updates in this time not like manjaro
    Also i choose two desktop enviroments gnome shell and openbox (the another reason for choosing antergos is its default de is gnome shell )
    Anyways, i want to install my antergos with these desktop enviroment. Is it possible to sellect two desktop enviroment at the same time during the installation???(de choosing page)
    I am asking because i want to open box or gnome shell in default antergos customization.

  • Is it possible to select two desktop environments at the same time during the installation?

    I’m afraid not. You have to select one or the other. After installing you can add whatever desktop you want, of course, but manually.


  • okey this is the real question i want to ask is it possible to install open box manually after install gnome shell like install brom live usb ?
    Sorry my english, i want to ask how can i install open box on gnome shell ( as was choosed open box in choose desktop environment menu during the installation )
    After typing sudo pacman -S openbox
    i find the Antergos/openbox-setup from git
    but i didn’t find the application list of default antergos openbox
    can somebody say me what can i do step by step ?

  • @mozhan Yes, manually its possible

    Here’s a list of apps which cnchi pulls off the mirrors during the installation of <any DE>

    You can install Openbox apps from there, but thats not it.
    There’s some after-install script for every desktop and ofcourse you’ll have to manually create the xsession entry for openbox.

    I don’t know about the after-install script, the conky script, and xsession entry and other stuff, maybe some developer will help you there.

    @karasu is the openbox maintainer for antergos, maybe he’s the developer to help here.

    Edit: since there are a lot of apps which will come with Gnome already so you can skip the alternatives when you manually install openbox.
    For example, xfburn(Gnome will provide Brasero disk burner), PCmanFM (Gnome will provide Nautilus) type stuff…

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