• Crashes are occuring during GKSU / GKSUDO usage

    I’ve installed GKSU / GKSUDO a week after installing Antergos. I’m not a hundred percent sure but I’ve been observing that the system is more unstable and more apt to crash when I use GKSUDO or GKSU. I’ve gather logs and made a descriptions after my last crash.

    Here is a external link to the log file: logs-2015-09-06_22-52-21-_crashed_during_gksu_usage_BIG_CRASH.7z

    As the forum server didn’t accept such a large upload and I had to use mediafire, the 7z is encrypted. I’ll uplad the password in a moment.

    I do not think these crashes are related to lightdm, light locker or power management as they have occured when I was running GDM as well.

    Description of crash that I wrote after it’s occurrence:

    This crash occured during the usage of gksudo. I’ve observed alot of crashes of the type ever since I installed it shortly after installing Antergos. The crashes seem to come and go.

    This one was particularly bad. I had nautilus opened with GKSudo and I wanted to GIMP a png in the root domain so I had been using Gimp as well.

    I wanted to listen some music so I switched to another desktop, Alt+F2: nautilus

    The Shell just froze. Usually I can do Ctrl-Alt-f2 to switch to terminal when Gnome Shell gives up the goes, gather logs and try to restart X (pkill X) or just put in a reboot command to avoid a hard reboot. Ctrl-Alt-f2 did not work, nor ctrl-alt-f3, nor ctrl-alt-f4 etc. All I was seeing was the same frozen screen. Mouse could still move.

    The log gathering for this crash to place after I had rebooted the PC and logged back into lightDM.

  • Here is the PW for the log files I’ve uploaded on mediafire:
    logs-2015-09-06_22-52-21- crashed during gksu usage BIG CRASH pw.txt.7z

  • Hi,

    I have an easy answer, don’t use gksu / gksudo ;) gksudo is deprecated (or at least it was), gksu should use polkit, but I really don’t know.

    You should use polkit, so to start nautilus with root privileges run:

    You can create an alias to ease typing (add it to your bash profile):
    alias pkexec='pkexec env DISPLAY=$DISPLAY XAUTHORITY=$XAUTHORITY'
    and then just type:
    pkexec nautilus

    BUT, what you experimented was a total froze, so it’s likely to be a graphic driver/kernel problem. I’ll check your logs if I have the time (I have a big TODO list atm).


  • @karasu

    Didn’t realize it was depricated. I’ll try pkexec. Thanks.

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