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    All purpose family Gnome desktop with a couple of extensions. I love Gnome out of the Antergos box. I rotate Studio Ghibli wallpapers for the kids. The conky has some educational purpose as well. They’re flying with Gnome and the Super key. My seven year old asked me the other day, “We were using a Windows program today at school, does that mean Microsoft was spying on me?” I must be doing something right as a parent? ☺


  • 0_1495189247505_Screenshot from 2017-05-19 07-20-21.png

    This is my wallpaper

  • @Serense interesting looks like merged top-panel with dock?

  • @joekamprad It´s Dash to Panel extension with Dymanic Transparency and TopIcons Plus. And I moved notificalion bubbles to righ and down too.
    Dash to Panel
    Dynamic Panel Transparency
    Panel OSD

  • @Serense looks a lot like chromeOs

  • @Serense Very nice config!

  • http://i.imgur.com/oT9eX9U.jpg

    alt text

    United Theme

  • @izznogooood So pretty!

  • @izznogooood What are the applications at the bottom, they look interesting.

  • @macjoubert

    From the left:
    Application Launcher (United theme’d), Nautilus, Chrome, Evolution, Todoist, Zim, SimpleNote, Libreoffice Writer, Libreoffice Impress, PlayonLinux, Steam, OpenShot, VirtualBox, Hexchat, Telegram, Spotify, Teamviwer, Remmina, Settings, Tweak tool.


    Thank you, Iceland is pretty ;)

  • @izznogooood said in Show your desktop:



    Is this a good one? i mean do it work without endless configuration problems?

  • Well, yes. With out a doubt. RDP like native (windows). I manage 200+ windows servers with Remmina (Oh the Irony…)

    Just up the default quality on std VPN connections and you’ll be fine.

    (On Ubuntu, you’ll want to add their “next” ppa as Ubuntu is behind on packages…)

  • @izznogooood no ubuntu ever on my systems (not longer then one day…)

  • Well, for what it’s worth, here’s my desktop🙂

    I am currently using:

    • Gnome
    • Docky
    • Elementary OS wallpaper
    • Numix Circle icon theme (with a few of my own modifications)
    • Mist shell theme
  • First post in this forum!! =D (I’m new to linux and Antergos)

    Thank you for all your ideas and sharing your configurations! It helped me to customize my desktop the way I like!

    Here are the result :

    Window manager

    Gnome with United theme, Numix square icons, Dash to panel, Dynamic panel transparency and Topicons plus.

  • I like your desktop, @iSpeakVeryWell, and welcome to Antergos😀

  • @A-User Thank you!

  • You’re welcome, friend🙂.

    Enjoy Antergos!

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