• Show your desktop

    awesome thanks 😃

  • A bit offtopic, but as you’re talking about prompt, I wanted to share that I use powerline in bash, I’m thinking about adding it to default Antergos installation (I have not talked with other devs about it).

    In another computer I use zsh with powerline, too. I like it better, but I still have to get used to it.


  • @karasu said in Show your desktop:

    …I use powerline in bash, I’m thinking about adding it to default Antergos installation…

    A bit more on offtopic. Beautiful powerline prompts loose their formatting when terminal outputs are pasted as examples in markup in the forum. Prompts are transformed in a bunch of strange chars. It’s a headache to correct them by hand.

    For this reason I don’t use powerline in Antergos.

  • Bild Text
    New Install: conky-lua + variety

    Fonts inside Clock:
    Union City Blue TTF
    Serto Jerusalem Outline

  • Fallback Desktop FLUXBOX:
    Bild Text

  • Very nice !!!


  • 0_1490738589314_sftw.jpg

    Native Gnome only Dock optimized and tweaked.

  • 0_1490740280353_Screenshot_2017-03-28_16-29-32.png
    Pretty simple one , typically use this system only for trading.

  • Wo hasste den Buddha Walli her will auch haben :(

  • @darevine Sorry dont understand German.

  • @macjoubert که در آن متنفر بودا Walli پیش می خواهید به ??? ;)
    He only asking where to get your wallpaper.

  • I just do it redesined my gnome 3 desktop on antergos :)


  • 0_1490843894537_Captura de pantalla de 2017-03-29 21-11-24.jpg
    Gnome 3.22

  • @edhego very nice setup!
    What is left handed music status ? conky?
    And Main Dock changes made with shell-extensions?

  • @joekamprad thanks, it’s very simple, the widget for music status is covergloobus and the theme is “noe” downloaded from deviantart.
    The extensions for the panel is “Dash to panel” with “Applications menu”, “Openweather” and “Topicons plus”

  • @I-sty said in Show your desktop:

    Show your desktop

    Here is mine. I typically have 6 workspaces, and rotating pictures on each different one. alt text

  • @edhego said in Show your desktop:


    Is nice!

  • Antergos cinnamon. Estilo elementary pantheon
    0_1491122346097_Captura de pantalla de 2017-04-02 10-37-51.png

  • Antergos with i3. Still tweaking the .config, but I’m getting nearer to what I want it to look like :-)!

    0_1491124362963_Bildschirmfoto vom 2017-04-02 11-03-44.png

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