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    @ricklinux Sway works as an i3 replacement, so you don’t need i3 installed underneath.


    The setup above uses swaybar with py3status and some my own scripts. Lately I added a short script, which uses the i3ipc-python module to rename workspaces after the name of the last focused window. See my example config.

    Dynamic workspace names in action: https://youtu.be/2WLLaGndtiw

  • @piotr So what desktop can you use it with then…any? What do you install to use sway? I see 4 packages in the repository. This is really cool…but probably hard for average user who doesn’t know any programing.

  • @piotr
    That screeshot is amazing!

  • @ricklinux said in Show your desktop:

    What do you install to use sway?

    For now just install Sway according to the Arch Wiki (it takes seconds) and try playing with my config files. But in case the community decided to include Sway into the new project one day, I’ll gladly help at selecting packages and preparing configs.

  • @piotr Thanks…that would be awesome. Maybe it will be the new trend. I know a lot of people like i3 window manager and this just takes it to another level.

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