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    I just got a new old laptop, and decided to try out Deepin before I’ll put an SSD in it.

    It is really good looking out of the box, but I miss the tinkering, and the look I can get in KDE.


  • My first DWM, some time ago …



  • @judd Tried dwm, but i3 still fits me best.






  • @piotr !

    Yes of course, making DWM look like an i3 takes much more time and patches, with endless configurations, but yes, definitely your i3 is beautiful, as always!👍

  • @piotr icons in i3-blocks come from awesome?
    and I like the rofi config with icons and two columns view or is it something else?

  • AWESOME is just that → AWESOME !!!

  • mine setup :)

    pretty bored but is fine :)

  • @joekamprad @judd I gave up on i3-status / blocks. Both panels are tint2, and use my psuinfo and t2ec packages commands in executors. Icons themselves are .svg by edskeye, as always. :)

    rofi and i3 config heavily based on ArchLabs defaults.

  • @piotr said in Show your desktop:

    and use my psuinfo and t2ec packages commands in executors.

    There is no doubt that his creation is excellent, I am going to give him an opportunity by the way. I like very much!

  • Thanks! Both packages install sample tint2 config files. You’ll also find commands description in the picture on GitHub.

  • @piotr Bild Text i just steal ArchLab rofi config ;)

  • @joekamprad So did I. :)

  • so tint2 next on my list ;)

  • Playing with wine…

    Sorry for the unorganized desk but atm iam using xfce4 after some time with i3 and i like it so far…

  • ROON Server … interesting never heard about…🎧

  • Expensive but pleasant.
    Roon Labs
    There is a linux release only for the server part. Therefore Iam using wine for the frontend.

  • Since 2015 using Cinnamon (current version 4.0.10) 😎
    alt text

  • @edconocerte So not many issue with Cinnamon over time. I suggest @philipc try it because it’s seems less problematic.

  • Lxqt is fine enough :p
    and Tkpacman :)


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