• Show your desktop

    Ok here is mine as it is now: https://i.imgur.com/Mu8JD2X.jpg
    but it will change in some minutes, because im using variety

  • Here is mine:

    Shell Theme: Arc Dark
    GTK Theme: Arc Dark
    Icons: Flat-Remix-Dark + Arc Icons

  • antergos-KDE
    alt text
    alt text

  • my latest KDE setup:
    Bild Text

  • Nothing special.
    KDE Plasma

    alt text

    alt text

  • xfce
    alt text

  • DWM
    0_1546986280623_MUY SIMPLE.png


  • i3-gaps


  • @piotr what is the nice thing witth i3-gaps aside from the gaps itself?

  • @joekamprad Well, I’ve given a try to several tiling WMs recently, but liked i3 only. Firstly: all the workflow is easy to (re)configure on the fly. Secondly: goes well with tint2, which I’m addicted to. :D

  • Same tint2-aimed scripts (psuinfo and t2ec) also available on Void Linux. Submitting packages to the Void repo is a hell. :)


  • Simple gnome desktop



  • desktop

    The wallpaper changes every day, so I wouldn’t put too much focus on that. So does the desktop aspect ratio - this is on a laptop that’s sometimes connected to a 2560x1080 monitor, sometimes using its native 1920x1080, sometimes using an external 1920x1080, and sometimes using 2 or 3 of those in a multi-monitor display, depending on what I’m doing with it. Right now it’s the 2560x1080 because I was gaming. :)

    Desktop: Gnome Shell
    Shell theme: (my own creation, based on the RedHat Glass theme but with some tweaks/fixes for some of the things that annoy me about it. not currently available elsewhere)
    Application theme: Numix-Frost-Light
    Icon theme: Tela

    List of extensions:
    (k)statusnotifieritem/appindicator support
    Applications menu
    Auto move windows
    Bing wallpaper changer (much as I despise Microsoft, they’re pretty good at picking wallpapers)
    Coverflow alt-tab
    Dash to dock
    Frippery move clock
    Invert window color
    Launch new instance
    Lock keys
    Media player indicator
    Native window placement
    No topleft hot corner
    Pamac updates indicator
    Panel osd
    Removable drive menu
    Remove dropdown arrows
    Services systemd
    Sound input & output device chooser
    Status menu buttons
    Steal my focus
    Suspend button
    Topicons plus
    User themes

  • Here’s my rediscovered Gnome desktop:

    Gnome desktop-1.jpg

    Gnome desktop-2.jpg

  • @Bryanpwo what theme and iconset is it?

  • @joekamprad
    The Gnome-shell theme is: United Antergos (from gtk-theme-united-archers-git)
    The window manager theme is: Bunsen-Black-remix (from the Archlabs repo)
    The icons are Sardi flat (from Sardi-icons)

    The upper panel is dash to panel (Gnome-shell-extension)
    The update icon is Arch linux update indicator (Gnome-shell-extension)

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