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    Incredibly low CPU load on Sway:


  • @piotr

    I use i3 with a lot of stuff loading…
    alt text

  • but using sway makes @piotr next level: WM running without X-org!

  • @joekamprad said in Show your desktop:

    WM running without X-org!

    And also w/o compton, nitrogen, flameshot, tint2, polybar, jgmenu - hell knows what else. It took me several days to make a comfortable workplace here, with all tools and indicators I got used to. Even to start Java apps, like IntelliJ stuff, a workaround is necessary. But once configured, Sway turns out the lightest environment I’ve ever had.

  • @piotr can you give a look inside the configs?
    interesting how to get all the info inside the “bar”

  • Sure. You’ll find my current config here: https://github.com/nwg-piotr/swayinfo

  • @piotr Dziękuję bardzo!

    do you have different bars on dual monitors setup running with sway?

  • @joekamprad The top bar there’s on both displays, since dunno how to make it show tasks from workspaces assigned to another display. The bottom bar on primary display only. But yes, it seems possible to have different bars on each display.

  • i3-dmenu-desktop, dmenu, and rofi all function relatively well in Sway, but all run under XWayland
    so not jet complete but there is bemenu + j4-dmenu-desktop …

  • @joekamprad dmenu and rofi work for me perfectly well.

  • @joekamprad Haha! Check this: 1 bar less, and still all I need there’s on the screen(s).


  • @joekamprad

    Is sway stable enough? i thougt it was still beta or something…
    I don’t have problems with xorg (and now i’m used to it)
    But its nice to see you managed to configured it to your liking.

    I guess i still have sway installed here, but i’m not using for a long time.

  • @fernandomaroto one day will come x-org is not used anymore or getting unusable … as thinking is that wayland will displace x-org … so it will be good to have an eye on sway

  • @fernandomaroto said in Show your desktop:

    Is sway stable enough? i thougt it was still beta

    They released 1.0, but if I had to asses the stability, I’d say: beta. :) On the other hand: it’s possible that Sway itself is rock-stable, and all the issues I experienced came from other software, which is not yet fully compatible.

    General impression: I could live w/o X right now. And @joekamprad is right: let’s keep an eye out on sway.

  • Another surprise: Steam + Bumblebee working on Sway:


  • in that time there is probably a cleanup :) there is stil a lot on X , im sure they pushing it… but lotstuf is build on X like lxqt have currently hardtime momentary. know openbox has its own fork on Waybox, but still… like lxqt using with wayfire have issues with some components… but you got me intreegt about sway, but… mayby for virtualbox of next year :)

  • @ringo32 said in Show your desktop:

    mayby for virtualbox of next year :)

    Last time i tested (like a year ago) wayland didn’t work on virtualbox… Not sure now.

  • Initially I installed Sway on my experimental partition and also on the netbook, which runs Void Linux. It was unnecessary caution, as sway in no way interfered with my existing WMs (i3 and Openbox). The only change to the whole system was replacing lightdm with sddm.

  • @I-sty Why are your images only showing ads!

  • @piotr I really like this. So this is sway which replaces the i3 window manager? What is the desktop loaded though i3? Where is the background from? I bet it is time consuming to get to this set up. It’s very nice. I can see needing a tutorial on this. ☺

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