• Show your desktop

    Nice! I really like your icons, @fernandomaroto! However, I couldn’t find your mouse in the picture you posted. Would you be able to provice one with it so I can see what the macrainbow theme looks like for the mouse?


  • @Keegan the mouse didn’t appear heheeh


  • Thanks! I actually think I had this mouse theme installed about half a year ago for a short time actually😀. It looks very familiar!

  • Updated my desktop (xfce of course): http://imgur.com/a/Iov5C 🙂

  • @Keegan now change colors

    alt text

  • Nice theme, @unc! It looks so modern! I especially like your icons.

  • Decided to try out Antergos yesterday on my old desktop, and after much pain trying to get GNOME to work with propriety nvidia drivers, I simply gave up and used xfce instead, which works like a charm. Finally kinda satisfied with the setup:


    [With some windows:]

    I’ve only used Ubuntu and Mint before this, but setting my first Arch desktop up with Antergos wasn’t a hassle at all. Awesome work by the devs!

  • Latst Antergos screen

    alt text
    alt text

    Os: Antergos
    Desktop - Gnome 3.24.xxx
    Extensions: dash to panel, panel osd, Frippery Application menu, User themes…
    Apps: Nautilus, Firefox, Gnome terminal, more…
    System icons: Arc / Apps icons: Plane / Places icons: Sky / and other misc icons byme.
    System font: PT Sans Norrow / Panel font: SFNS Display
    GTK 2 & 3+ Theme: ArcWhite
    Start page: here

    Terminal Colors
    alt text
    Quick find colors here

    Start orb style:
    alt text
    Edit frippery app menu: make start orb style text

    1. jump frippery folder
    2. Open extension.js with text editor find line 255 & Change “Applications” to “•✖•” save changes.
    3. Restart gnome-shell, alt+f2 write to textbox “r” or “restart” enter. ( without “” )
  • My current 4K Antergos setup:


    OS: Antergos
    Desktop: KDE 5
    Widgets: Resource Monitor
    Apps: Riot/Matrix, Dolphin
    Icons: Papirus Dark
    Theme: Breeze Transparent Dark

  • @I-sty

    I’m a simple dude with an epic distro…

    (New one; http://imgur.com/a/3jq3d)

  • 0_1502798157298_Bildschirmfoto vom 2017-08-15 13-47-44.png
    My first try on i3-wm setup ;)

  • This is mine 😄



  • @karasu i understand why i3-wm have so much lovers, it is hard to get intoit but it is open for everything!

  • @joekamprad i have never used rofi but was thinking about adding to the iso here…

  • @karasu I love powerline too :)

  • @fernandomaroto i want something more fancy instead of dmenu, so i try to get rofi work as i want, but i am still not happy with it ;)

  • i3wm next step…
    0_1502885803882_Bildschirmfoto vom 2017-08-16 14-15-42.png
    0_1502885858548_Bildschirmfoto vom 2017-08-16 14-17-12.png

  • Since i do not use DE, i need to show my current Desktop Environment:

  • That dirty wall because of your feet!!! 😬

    I have the very exact same problem here!

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