• Show your desktop

    Here’s a short tour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMQV0OiEork

  • http://imgur.com/a/It7Ds recently thought of shifting from i3status to i3blocks and its really amazing for customizing the bar…
    got a lot of help from http://dotshare.it/category/wms/i3/

  • @KabirGandhiok is this ZSH shell? what is that nice theme ?

  • @joekamprad yeah thats zsh and the theme is jonathan

  • OpenBox i686


  • @noobertroon love your simple conky with the Antergos logo. Care to share the .config?

  • @triode13 I customized mine but you can get the original one here - https://github.com/erikdubois/Aureola

    if you are interested in my exact modifications let me know.

  • imgur
    I don’t get how to handle imgur and this forum together…
    Changed the wallpaper to a one I used before and let wal do his job.
    Turns out nice enough to keep it. I don’t think it will last to long because if I use linux I permanently change the style of the desktop and the few apps I use. Beside www(vivaldi) there are no apps outside the terminal so gtk-theme and icons are “only in case of”…


  • My Openbox Desktop

    0_1494117318401_1Screenshot from 2017-05-06 17-27-24.png

  • Here is my desktop on my Antergos laptop. It’s XFCE with some minor tweaks. Clean and simple, and most important; fast.


    To sum up info, though most should be in the picture already:

    • XFCE
    • Compton Compositor
    • Arc theme with Arc dark WM theme
    • Paper icon theme
    • Lucida Console/Grande fonts
    • Wallpaper
  • Mutiny

    alt text

    Themes: United-Dark, Surfn Orange (Icons)
    Extentions: Alternatetab, Applications menu, Dash to dock, Dynamic Top Bar, Impatience, Removable drive menu, Sound input & output device chooser, Status menu buttons, Topicons plus, User themes, Workspace grid.

  • 0_1494898600781_Screenshot from 2017-05-15 18-33-37.png

    back to Gnome i go :) customized top panel to work like tint2.

  • New Antergos installation (plasma 5). The old one after nearly two years of living together with me (bravado endurance :)) decided to commit suicide.

  • 0_1494950756317_desktop-5-16-17.png
    It’s my desktop and I love it.
    Conkys: System log conky from here. Other conky is Aureola Spark with some alterations. Can be found here.
    Icons: nouveKDEGrey from here, and custom menu icon.
    Cursor: Hacked-Red from here.
    Theme: Black-Widow-GTK from here.
    And a bunch of other tweaks that I’m too lazy to list here.
    Oh yeah, and it’s xfce.

  • i3 after red(nice one btw) comes blue.
    Only changed the wallpaper to the one shown in ranger. I don’t see my wallpaper that often but it’s nice to know it’s there…


  • @mutze Not because my face is on your screenshot, but because the image viewer looks very interesting! ;) RANGER
    This is what i was missing for MC long time ago ;) what are you doing to get ranger show images inside the terminal?

  • For make it work in termite you will have to install https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/termite-ranger-fix-terminfo-git/
    after some time i switched back to rxvt-unicode and it worked out of the box. The termite-fix is still installed, i don’t know if this does anything to it.
    Normally you only have to install w3m for other terminals to make it work as described here https://github.com/ranger/ranger/wiki/Image-Previews


  • works with xfce4-terminal too
    alt text
    only need to put set preview_images true to your ~/.config/ranger/rc.conf

  • @joekamprad my ranger config is very old taken with from one linux to another. I totally forget about this, sorry!


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